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       This is Josh
             Movement THERAPIST 

Who am I? 


My background is in Holistic Counselling, a style of counselling that recognises the inter-connected relationship between mind, body and spirit. Movement therapy is the method I use to bring these core elements of our being back into alignment. 

What is movement therapy? 


Many therapists, psychologists and counsellors focus solely on the mind, which is why people can spend decades in therapy without seeing results. Movement therapy recognises that the mind and body are one. It is the false separation, a trick of the mind or ego, that keeps us from realising this unity, and keeps us stuck in mental loops that do not serve our mental, emotional or physical health. Using the mind as a tool to help us understand the messages of the body can help us to let go of past wounds. 

How do we do this? 

By coming back into the body, by grounding and finding security and safety within, by syncing up with our breath and using it to feel into heavy emotions that we have tried to keep hidden from our conscious minds, by allowing the body to open and move in a way that is natural and in a way that honours what is being felt. 

Who is this for? 

Everyone! But I know that not everyone will be ready for this. It is for those who feel trapped in their minds and disconnected from their bodies. It is for those who wish to go beyond talk therapy, and step back into the realm of deep feeling, and deep connection with the authentic self. It is for those who want to honour their highest self and their absolute uniqueness. It is for those who want to move through the world freely, without pretence, without fear, without doubt. With absolute love for who they are. 

Life in the 21st century


Many of us find ourselves stressed, depressed, anxious, lost and addicted because we don't know who we are. We live for everyone else, and we have forgotten what it is that we truly believe and desire. Healing means returning to wholeness. In Western medicine, we have historically separated mind and body, this is why you go to one person for your mind and another for your body. But ancient wisdom is now being supported by scientific research, and the truth is that these things cannot be separated when we are looking at health and wellness. It is all connected.


What can  you expect from a movement therapy session?


An opportunity to talk about what's going on for you, to be heard without judgment.  


Some compassionate inquiry and  honest reflection, exploring negative thought patterns, emotional blocks and past trauma. 

Connecting to the body - using grounding meditations and guided visualistions, we will uncover where the negative loops are contained within the body and hold space for these to be felt, honoured and integrated. 

Using the combined power of the breath and movement to help go deeper into the feelings, trapped emotions and past selves that keep you feeling stuck, lost, depressed or anxious. 

Some inner child work - reconnecting to this innocent, playful and creative part of yourself which may be wounded, and is very likely in need of some love and attention. 

A focus on the spiritual - learning how to connect with your inner wisdom and guidance. We have a vast well of intelligence and intuition inside of ourselves. Learn how to still the mind so that these messages can be received. 


I am open minded, open hearted, non-judgemental and compassionate. The space I hold for my clients is sacred. It is a safe space where they can explore whatever they need to, I have helped many clients heal old wounds, change negative thought patterns, and come back to a place of self-love and compassion. I would be greatly honoured to guide you in your own journey. 

Movement therapy can help with the following: 

  • depression

  • anxiety 

  • addiction 

  • PTSD 

  • trauma 

  • obsessive thinking 

  • perfectionism 

  • relationship / family issues

  • stress 

  • spiritual worries / confusion 

  • grief and loss 

  • authenticity 

  • sleep 

  • people-pleasing 

  • boundaries 


Since doing sessions with Josh, my mental health and wellbeing has been great.. although a journey which it will always be, Josh provides me with self confidence and care for myself. A self love which I haven’t been able to find so many years. I feel comfortable talking to Josh about everything and Josh always takes time to listen to what I have to say and gives me peace. I enjoy doing the meditations with Josh which is a great tool to alleviate the stress and pain.I very much recommend this service to all.
Josh is a legend


Josh’s calm, relatable and nurturing energy helped me feel comfortable expressing my emotions and past traumas. He made our sessions feel like a safe space which is super important and provided me with many tools to help conquer my emotions.
He is an absolute legend and I really appreciate the support he has provided me with.


Josh is such a beautiful soul. I have been to multiple therapists throughout my life but Josh has a magic within him that nobody else does.



In our sessions - he creates a safe space to be completely honest, raw and vulnerable. I have felt truly seen, heard and understood, which has opened my heart to more love then I could possibly imagine.



Thank you for supporting me immensely on my journey of embodying my most authentic truth and soul expression.


Josh is gifted, I’m not the easiest client to work with but he’s always very accommodating and with each session I feel improvements in the areas I’ve struggled with for most of my adult life


I feel very lucky to have come across Josh in my healing journey. He has helped me in sessions with his warm genuine nature and ability to hold a safe space. His presence (even over zoom)  has an instant calming effect. He is very good at what he does. I cannot recommend enough to see Josh if you feel you are struggling and needing some extra support in your life!


You can book a session below. Or, if you would like to know more, you can get in touch via the contact page. 

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