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What is holistic counselling? 


Many of us find ourselves stressed, depressed, anxious, lost and addicted because we don't know who we are. We live for everyone else, and we have forgotten what it is that we truly believe and desire. Holistic Counselling is a mode of therapy that considers the whole - mind, body and spirit. Healing means returning to wholeness. In Western medicine, we have historically separated these components, but ancient wisdom is now being supported by scientific research, and the truth is that these things cannot be separated when we are looking at health and wellness. It is all connected. That is what holistic counselling focuses on - integrating mind, body and spirit, and thus returning to wholeness. It does this through the process of compassionate inquiry and  honest reflection. Exploring negative thought patterns, emotional blocks and trauma - this is the process of uncovering who you are at your core by going through that which has held you back from re-discovering your true identity, your most authentic self. 

How does it work? 

The client is asked to share their present emotional, mental, and physical state, and any external factors that are contributing to this state. Holistic counselling focuses on what is arising in the present moment. It understands that the present moment can never truly be separated from all moments that have gone before, and therefore the present contains the truth of the past. It does not need to explore the past if the client is not comfortable doing so. Through talk therapy we allow room for whatever needs to be shared and explored. Telling your story and being truly heard is a healing process in itself. You will heal by gaining a deeper understanding of your inner world, learning how to train your mind, and how to use your breath to calm your nervous system. You will learn how to heal yourself through the practice of self-love and self-affirmation. Guided visualisation practices / meditations will be used to confront and clear emotional, energetic and trauma based blocks, clearing the way for you to live a more free-flowing life. You will also connect with and heal your wounded inner child, which will positively change your relationship with yourself, and with the world. 

Who can it help? 

Holistic counselling can help with the following: 

  • depression

  • anxiety 

  • addiction 

  • PTSD 

  • trauma 

  • obsessive thinking 

  • perfectionism 

  • relationship / family issues

  • stress 

  • spiritual worries / confusion 

  • grief and loss 

  • authenticity 

  • sleep 

  • people-pleasing 

  • boundaries 

Why choose me? 

I have a Masters in Holistic Counselling, and have spent years studying the relationship between mind, body and spirit. I have studied healing modalities such as reiki, tarot, dream interpretation, shamanic journeying, breathwork, meditation, and music and sound healing.  I bring in elements of what I have learnt into my sessions, depending on the individual needs of the client. I am open, non-judgemental and compassionate. The space I hold for my clients is sacred. It is a safe space where they can explore whatever they need to, and my role is to guide them in that process, and to reflect honestly what I see and hear. I have helped many clients heal old wounds, change negative thought patterns, and come back to a place of self-love and compassion. I would be greatly honoured to guide you in your own journey. 

You can book a session below. Or, if you would like to know more, you can get in touch via the contact page. 

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